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DCN-D Discussion – sản phẩm được nhận giải thưởng uy tín Red dot design

Thứ tư - 24/07/2013 13:41
DCN-D Discussion – sản phẩm được nhận giải thưởng uy tín Red dot design
(Giải thưởng về chất lượng thiết kế cao cho hạng mục “ Product Design 2013”) Sản phẩm là sự kết hợp hài hòa giữa tính thẩm mỹ và hiệu quả làm việc. Sản phẩm còn gây ân tượng mạnh bởi giao diện trực quan cho phép người sử dụng tận hưởng các trải nghiệm nghe và nói. DCN-D Discusion sẽ được trưng bày tại bảo tàng red dot tại Singapore từ ngày 01/08/2013 đến ngày 31/07/2014.

11 April 2013, Munich – The DCN-D Discussion Unit, part of the Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next Generation Conference System family from Bosch, has been honored with the prestigious German red dot award for high design quality in the category “product design 2013”.


By establishing this award, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen has created one of the world's most internationally acclaimed design competitions, which this year attracted 4,622 entries in the “product design” category alone. The “red dot” itself has long since become a coveted quality mark for excellent design. The award-winning products are displayed in the red dot design museum for at least one year, and bear the red dot logo for the remainder of their life cycle.


The winning design of the DCN-D Discussion Unit strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and ergonomic efficiency. It features the proven and intuitive Bosch user interface that allows participants to relax and enjoy the speaking and listening experience. The unit has a streamlined, modern appearance with an elegant dark charcoal and silver matt finish. In addition, enhanced acoustic technologies make it easy to hear exactly what is happening. This is vital in order to create an environment that encourages constructive dialog.


There are five variations of the DCN-D Discussion Unit on offer, ranging from a fixed-microphone model allowing a delegate to simply talk and listen, right up to an extended version with pluggable microphone, electronic voting facility and a built-in channel selector supporting up to 31 translations.


“Winning the red dot is a great honor and at the same time reflects the Bosch brand values of advanced technology and top-class design,” comments Murat Keskinkilinc, Product Marketing Manager Conference Systems.


The outstanding quality of the Bosch Security Systems unit has only recently been acknowledged by another renowned award organization. Last February, the International Design Forum Hanover honored the DCN-D Discussion Unit with its iF product design award in the category “Audio/Video”.

Further information about the red dot award is available online at: www.red-dot.de/press

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