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EOL of decoders VIP-XD and VIP-XDA

Thứ năm - 21/03/2013 15:02
EOL of decoders VIP-XD and VIP-XDA
►  Date: 21 Mar 2013 
►  Successor: See list below 
►  Scheduled end of life date 
►  31-Sep-2013 
►  Products concerned: See list below 

Reason for End of Life
► Products will be discontinued as portfolio was cleared from MPEG-4 cameras and encoders. 
► Similar use cases for H.264 cameras and encoders will be possible by new H.264 decoders with higher 
performance but similar functions. 
End of Service 
Service support by ASA until : 31-DEC-2018 
Successor products are for H.264 use cases only, not supporting MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 anymore, but otherwise 
compatible with existing products, e.g. integration related.  
Successor product is planned to be introduced in June 2013.  

List of End of Life products: 
SAP number  12 NC  Type number  Description  EAN/UPC code 
F.01U.079.877  5050 000 79877  VIP-XD  VIP XD DECODER  EAN  8717332344406
UPC  800549173827 
F.01U.079.878  5050 000 79878  VIP-XDA  VIP XD DEC AUDIO  EAN  8717332344413
UPC  800549173834 
F.01U.263.342  5050 002 63342  VJT-XDXF  VIDEOJET Decoder 3000  EAN 8717332864997
UPC 800549676816 

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