Mô đun giám sát tuyến loa PVA-1WEOL

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Mô đun giám sát tuyến loa


  • The End Of Line (EOL) Slave Module shall be used to monitor the integrity of a loudspeaker line.
  • In combination with an EOL Master, integrated into the systems routers of the system, it shall be possible to permanently monitor/protect the loudspeaker line against short or open circuits.
  • The End of Line module shall be required in applications where continuous business music is requested. The EOL module shall be EN54-16 compliant, and shall be designed to fit direct on loudspeakers.Additional the end-of-line features shall include:
    • Detection of wire break or cable break.
    • Compatible with 100 V, 70 V loudspeaker lines.
    • Powering of the module via loudspeaker line.
    • Multiple modules at one loudspeaker line shall be possible.
    • Power consumption < 20 mW.
    • It shall be possible to connect up to 30 modules to one zone output.
    • It shall be possible to connect 60 modules to a router
    • Powering of the module shall go via the loudspeaker line.
    • No return wires shall be needed, only a local connection ground shall be required.
    • Operational frequency range : 18-24Khz
      (shall be configurable by configuration software).
    • Operating temperature -5 °C to +45 °C.
    • Product dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 78 x 15 x 60 mm.
    • Net weight 30 g.

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