DCNM-DVT Discussion device with voting

Discussion device with voting


DICENTIS incorporates several standardized technologies that have been combined to create an open platform. Complete system solutions can be created by simply integrating compatible products. This makes DICENTIS extremely scalable, enabling it to evolve with the growing needs of meeting and conference facilities. At its heart, the DICENTIS Conference System makes use of the unique IP based OMNEO media networking architecture, developed by Bosch.

Thiết bị thảo luận DICENTIS được thiết kế thanh lịch cho
phép người tham gia phát biểu, đăng ký yêu cầu phát
biểu và nghe thảo luận.
The elegantly designed DICENTIS Discussion devices enable participants to speak, register a request to speak, and listen to discussion. The DICENTIS Discussion device with voting incorporates standard parliamentary-style voting. To enable the participant to fully concentrate on the discussion, the voting touch-buttons, only light up when voting is available. The DICENTIS Discussion device with voting also supports fast participant recognition via NFC tag identification.
thảo, nút cảm ứng biểu quyết chỉ bật sáng khi đang có biểu quyết. Hộp hội thảo loại này cũng hỗ trợ nhận diện nhanh người tham gia qua nhận dạng thẻ NFC.

Award winning design
Configurable as a single participant or chairperson’s device
Tag reader
Built-in NFC reader for fast recognition of participants
color-coded voting buttons

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