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Product Release of 16 Channels Eco Encoder VIP-X16XF-E

TUEsday - 18/12/2012 08:31
Product Release of 16 Channels Eco Encoder VIP-X16XF-E
VIP-X16XF-E is a 16-channel H.264 IP video encoder that provides real-time 4CIF streaming, bi-directional audio and an RS-232/485 serial interface for dome control.

►  Date: 17 Dec 2012
►  Scheduled  date: 21 Dec 2012
►  Products concerned: See list below

With an extremely low cost per port, the VIP-X16XFE delivers high-performance without the high costs.  
•  Affordable: uses ultra-efficient H.264 high-profile encoding to minimize bandwidth and storage requi rements. State-of-the-art design delivers high performance at prices up to 50% lower than comparable offerings from other manufacturers.   
•  Reliable: Bosch subjects all it’s products to the most comprehensive and rigorous battery of qual ity endurance tests in the industry, and firmly stands behind every product i t sells with an end-to-end three year warranty backed by free  technical support.

•  High-performance 16 channel rack mount video encoder  
•  Dual streaming H.264 High Profile encoding   
•  Supports two independent 4CIF IP streams per input   
            o  Stream 1 up  to 25/30ips; Stream 2 up to 6.25/7.5ips   
•  Deinterlacing at video input and progressive encoding
•  Network-attached iSCSI recording   
•  MOTION+ motion detection and privacy masking
•  Bi-directional audio support   
            o  2x mono input; 1x mono output   
•   Access security   
            o  Password protection wi th support  for 802.1x authentication
            o  Secure browser access via HTTPS using SSL certificate
            o  Optional 128-bi t AES encryption  
•   RS-232/RS-422 serial interface  for dome control    
•   Four alarm inputs and one relay output
•   10/100/1000BaseT-TX network interface
•   Integrated wide-range power supply (100-240VAC)

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CCTV- 2012-SR-BVMS  BVMS  SR  Maintenance Release of BVMS 4.0.1  18Oct2012 
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CCTV- 2012- 11- 08-PR-AL AL  PR  Release of UML Series 19 - 20 inch High Performance HD LED Monitors  08Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 11- 08-EOL-Camera  Camera  EOL  EOL of VDC- 2xx- 1 MiniDome  08Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 11- 01-02-PR-Monitor  Monitor  PR  Release of new UML- 423- 90 Monitor  01Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 11-23-01-PR-AL AL  PR  Product Release of DVR 440/ 480 without harddisk Drive (HDD)  23Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 11-27-01-PR-BVIP  BVIP  PR  Product Release of VideoJet XTC XF Transcoder  27Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 11-27-01-FR-BVIP  BVIP  FR  Maintenance Release of FW 5.52  27Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 11-28-01-EOL-Mechanical  Mechanical  EOL  EOL of Housing and mounting  28Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 11-28-03-EOL-OTH  OTH  EOL  EOL of Video Transmission devices  28Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 11-28-02-EOL-BVMS  BVMS  EOL  End of Life of Bosch VMS 3.0 Base licenses  28Nov2012 
CCTV- 2012- 12-17-01-PR-Monitor  Monitor  PR  Release of UML_323_90 32inch LCD Monitor  17Dec2012 
CCTV- 2012- 12-17-01-PR-BVIP  BVIP  PR  Product Release of 16 Channels Eco Encoder VIP-X16XF-E  17Dec2012 

Source: Boschsecurity

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