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PRS-NCO3 Praesideo Network Controller

TUEsday - 29/01/2013 20:32
PRS-NCO3  Praesideo Network Controller
The PRS-NCO3 is the 3rd generation Praesideo network controller and will replace the current network controller PRS-NCO-B.

  Date 30 January 2013
►  Products concerned
►  Literature
Datasheet will become available in the online catalogue
The new PRS-NCO3 provides the same functionality as the PRS-NCO-B and runs with Praesideo Software
Release 4.00.  It has a faster processor, more memory, a 24Vdc output to power indicators and an internal
buzzer for fault/alarm notification.
  •   The PRS-NCO3 must be used with Praesideo software version 4.00 or higher.
  •   The PRS-NCO3 cannot downgrade to a software version 3.x.
  •   The PRS-NCO-B can only be used with software releases 3.xx, not with software version 4.00.
  •   The PC Call Server is able to control PRS-NCO-B based sub-systems in combination with PRS-NCO3 based sub-systems.  In this case the software release of the PC Call Server should be the same as the software release of the PRS-NCO-B. 
►  We recommend that you switch all new orders for the NCO to the new PRS-NCO3 with immediate
effect.  Delivery will start in Feb’13.
►  With the introduction of the new PRS-NCO3, the “older” PRS-NCO-B will become End-of-Life.

Source: Boschsecurity

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