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End of Life of Current DLA1400

MONday - 18/03/2013 01:42
End of Life of Current DLA1400
►  Date: 15 Mar 2013 
►  Successor: See list below 
►  Scheduled  date: 30 Apr 2013 
►  Products concerned: See list below 

Reason for End of Life 
►   The current DLA 1400 Series will be upgraded to: 
          o  OS Based on Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 
          o  Dynamic Transcoding Support 
          o  The current DLA 1400 Series will be upgraded  to:  
► The upgrade will result in new CTNs. With  this, the respective DLA1400 successor will completely  replace 
current portfolio platforms. 
End of Service 
► Repai r of product will be possible until 29th  April 2018 

List of EoL products: 
CTN  Decription  SAP  12NC 
DLA-AIOL0-04AT  AIO - Low End iSCSI Disk Array 4x1TB  F.01U.165.391  5050 001 65391 
DLA-AIOL1-08AT  AIO - Low End iSCSI Disk Array 8x1TB  F.01U.165.392  5050 001 65392 
DLA-AIOXL1-08AT  AIO - Low End iSCSI Disk Array 8x2TB  F.01U.168.764  5050 001 68764 
DLA-AIOL0-000N  AIO - Low End 4-bay Empty Chassis  F.01U.165.719  5052 001 65719 
DLA-AIOL1-000N  AIO - Low End 8-bay Empty Chassis  F.01U.165.720  5053 001 65720 

List of Successor products:
CTN  Decription  SAP  12NC 
DLA-AIOXL2-04AT  1400 Series IP Video Storage Appliance, 4x2TB  F.01U.282.799  5050 002 82799 
DLA-AIOXL3-08AT  1400 Series IP Video Storage,8x2TB  F.01U.282.801  5050 002 82801 
DLA-AIOL2-000N  1400 Series IP Video Storage, w/o HDD  F.01U.282.800  5050 002 82800 
DLA-AIOL3-000N  1400 Series IP Video Storage, w/o HDD  F.01U.282.802  5050 002 82802 

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Source: Boschsecurity

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