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EOL & Introduction: MW1-RX-Fx, MW1-LTX-Fx, MW1-HTX-Fx Wireless Microphone System

TUEsday - 05/02/2013 20:44
EOL & Introduction: MW1-RX-Fx, MW1-LTX-Fx, MW1-HTX-Fx Wireless Microphone System
Date: 06th  February 2013
Products concerned: MW1-RX-Fx, MW-LTX-Fx, MW1-HTX-Fx
Literature: Datasheet will become available in the online catalogue a.s.a.p

Product Description 
The Bosch wireless microphone  system  consists  of  a microphone  receiver MW1‑RX-Fx,  a wireless  belt-pack  transmitter  with  clip-on  lavalier  microphone  MW1‑LTX-Fx,  or  a  wireless  handheld  microphone MW1‑HTX-Fx.  The products are sold separately to offer optimal flexibility in the composition of a system. 
The wireless microphone system  is designed for public address such as  in houses of worship, restaurants, conference centers, hotels, shops and many other applications. 

97-193 selectable UHF channels in steps of 125 KHz 
F4 (606-630 MHz) 193 channels 
F5 (722-746 MHz) 193 channels 
F6 (925-937 MHz)   97 channels 
PLL synthesized technology 
LCD with battery status and frequency indication 
Lock function 
Approximately 15 hours operation on alkaline batteries 
Pilot tone & noise squelch (MW1-RX-Fx) 
True diversity for stable reception (MW1-RX-Fx) 
Table top and 19” rack mountable (MW1-RX-Fx) 

From 1st January 2013, the frequency ranges 790~814 MHz and 852~876 MHz are no longer allowed in EMEA and some other countries. 
Thus, the old frequencies (F1, F2 and F3) will go End-of-Life with immediate effect and be succeeded by new frequencies (F4, F5 and F6). 

CTN#  Description  Old Frequencies
New Frequencies
MW1‑RX-Fx  Wireless Microphone Receiver  F1 = 790~814 MHz
F2 = 852~876 MHz
F3 = 740~752 MHz 
F4 = 606~630 MHz
F5 = 722~746 MHz
F6 = 925~937 MHz  
MW1‑LTX-Fx  Wireless Belt-Pack Transmitter 
MW1‑HTX-Fx  Wireless Handheld Microphone 
Note: F3 and F6 for Korea only
          Optional accessories: MW1-LMC, MW1-HMC and MW1-RMB are still available. 

Source: Boschsecurity

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