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The organization of the football event “AIC Open 2012”

MONday - 10/09/2012 06:55
The organization of the football event “AIC Open 2012”
On the occasion of the 67th anniversary of Viet Nam’s Independent Day from 2/9/1945 to 2/9/2012. The AIC Group organizes the foot ball event namely “AIC Open 2012”. This is one of the cultural and sports activities in the Group, to create joint playground, enhancing the solidarity between AIC and friendly units.
             A meeting to prepare for the organization of the football event “AIC Open 2012” was held in the meeting room of AIC Group Joint Stock Company on the 31st of July 2012. The delegates in the meeting decided to set up the organizing Committee. The chief organizer – Mr. Vu Minh Tien. The members of the organizing committee included: Mr Nguyen Ngoc Thoan - the person in charge of finance, Nguyen Kieu Anh- in charge of training and Nguyen Thi Huong – in charge of public relations.

The team AIC 
This football event will be held in September, the participants in this tournament includes the host team AIC  and three guest teams from the client partners. It is expected that all the matches will be held in Linh Dam stadium with the format of playing one round to compare points. All the details of the tournament will be published in the website www.aicgroup.com.vn

This is the first time AIC organizes such an important tournament, so the organizers as well as the team AIC wish all the AIC members and closed and distant friends could participate in cheering. Many activities aside such as voting the best player, voting outstanding female fans, predicting the matches result….will be launched. The enthusiastic participation of all AIC members would be a great encouragement to help the football event "AIC Open 2012" achieve a great success.

To be determined at this tournament, the team AIC will have a short-term training in town aiming at strengthening health and improving the professional quality for the team.

Source: AIC Group

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