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International lighting trade fair in Guangzhou

MONday - 11/06/2012 13:20
International lighting trade fair in Guangzhou
The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive event in the lighting field in China and the region, and is the ideal place for lighting dealers, architects, urban planners around the world.
           Fair is the nature of the trade transaction center, where tourists and entrepreneurs can see the overview of changes and breakthrough development in lighting industry. This year, the fair was held at the Exhibition Center  of International Pazhou Fair  Guangzhou from 9 to June 12, 2012. AIC, for the first time, attended this fair and the whole delegation were present from the first day of opening.

Entrance to the exhibition center (Zone 1-8)

Exhibition Center (Area 9-12)

Line up for registration on the opening day

AIC Group at the Exhibition


           The whole combination of exhibition area is about 210,000 m2 including 2,700 stores. It looks like a massive international airport as Changi Singapore or Thailand Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Intl Airport. In total there are 20 areas, each area with same acreage of the main building of the Giang Vo Exhibition. Each area is arranged by topics: foreign companies, the brand names well known in the world focused in a few areas. The Chinese enterprises: large enterprises, small and medium businesses, enterprises related to providing relevant materials to produce light lamps. The business offering all kinds of components, components for assembling lamps. The enterprises specialize in producing all kinds of lamps, specially in interior and exterior lighting, public performances, special projects, consulting ... and more than 100 seminars, workshops and presentations for the different group of customers by professional experts.

Document bag with wheels

Move between areas by conveyor

AIC-heeled clients being cared

Documents filled in three travel bags


          After more than 30 minutes in queue, our delegation completed registration list and bought entry tickets (50 Yuan / ticket). The exhibition attracts many visitors from all over the country and abroad. All areas are filled with people from many countries but Group’s correspondent noticed no one is Vietnamese. Unlike in the market of White Horse or Beijing boulevard, topped with many Vietnamese fellows. Participants mainly dragged wheeled bags or bags to collect documents. AIC team did not bring bags so as to have the paper bag with wheels, just passing a few booths and bags were so tight.

Collecting documents was so boring and badly heavy  that we needed to change tactics. So we, as potential customers, chose a few appropriate booths, to enter and set up long-term partnership. Almost to where they were warmly welcomed, so lucky that  English language can be used for transactions in the Fair . In recent years, production capacity of lighting equipment in Guangzhou’s supply has exceeded demand therefore a lot of businesses are desirable to seek output. Some of partners enthusiastically invited us to visit their factories, often located tens of kilometers from Guangzhou. Some other companies even offer several sample products. We chit chat to each others, learning from experience, next time visit on the last day will be given more stuff.

Advertising team demonstrating with LED

Lighsky light show

Area of Small and Medium enterprises

AIC partner’s booth  in Shenzhen


          During your stay in Guangzhou, the delegation was present at AIC exhibit all three days 9, 10 and 11 June. Especially on June 11 we had site visit to a factory specializing in manufacturing LED T5 and T8 type, gutters, lamps and wire of LED on the outskirts of the city.

Attending the Guangzhou lighting exhibition   is a step affirming the further development of the AIC lighting industry, establishing direct relationship with  potential manufacturing partners in well-known industrial city. A few jokes around this trip will be shared with readers in the event/news of this website.



Source: AIC Group

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