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AIC works with partner Risco in Vietnam

TUEsday - 07/08/2012 06:43
AIC works with partner Risco in Vietnam
On 7th August 2012, the representatives of Risco Company had a meeting with the representatives of AIC GROUP at the head office in No. 1806, The Garden Building, My Dinh, Hanoi. Risco is a multinational company specializing in supplying equipments and solutions in the field of security and BMS.

Risco has offices, branches and distributors in over 60 countries worldwide and its headquarter locates in Israel.

          At the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Bich Ngoc, on behalf of AIC, introduced the historical development, production activities and business situation of the AIC Group in recent years. As a partnership, Mr. Yap Fook Lim also introduced Risco and field that two sides share common interests such as command center integrated the system, access control center, anti -theft warning system.

          Through the discussion, two sides have reached the initial agreement to establish long term business cooperation. Risco committed to provide supports to AIC in the technical training, design support, solutions as well as direct participation in security projects in Vietnam.


Source: AIC Group

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